Why Should I trust and purchase your lists or resources?

Our company may be new to the scene but the founders have an extensive background in the development and growth of small brands, businesses, and creatives on the rise. Over 15+ years helping entrepreneurs learn, earn, and grow. Our staff is dedicated to providing customers with quality resources that go beyond just a vendors list.

We are providing a curated, convenient, platform that allows creatives on the go, a chance to advance by using the tools & resources provided so that they do not need to waste any of their valuable time.

We are all about convenience  and creating simple ways to start a business and sustain an empire. We want to see you win just as much as you want to see yourself win.


Can’t I find the same vendors on my own?

Yes & NO. We say yes because if you have the time to sit and dedicate hours to researching and developing your own resources and lists, that’s wonderful.

However, that’s not always the case for the million other bosses on the go who need the information conveniently researched, packed, and delivered to them so that they don’t need to waste any precious time.

What we’ve learned in our 15+ years of business is that “If you want something done right, Hire An Expert.”

We all have the ability to log onto Google and research whatever our hearts desire, but that requires a lot of patience, experience, know how, and most of all TIME.

A lot of our vendors and resources were obtained through our PERSONAL network or connections and experiences that are being shared.

You can research Google, but you can’t research experience, that’s something you have to live, and by doing so we are able to GIVE.


Are all your vendors from China and overseas?

No. We also provide lists and resources that are stateside.


What If I have questions? Who can I call?

If you would prefer to speak to a representative after you receive your resources, please call:

1-877-277-6819 ext 4 | M-F 9am-5pm PST, or email shopbaddiemall@gmail.com


Everyone is selling the same information, what makes yours different?

All of our products and resources are thoroughly researched, curated,

and selected with care to meet the high-quality standards of our customers and clients.


What are your policies?

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